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You may be wondering if you can trust me to be the best fit for your small business. If you think you might be interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant, but you're not quite sure, send me an e-mail and I will spend some time chatting with you and getting to know your business before either of us makes a commitment. I don't want you to hire me unless I can be helpful to you, so I want you to feel confident that hiring me was a good choice.

In order to inspire a little confidence, please permit me a moment to talk about what makes me good at this job:

  • I have run my own successful online business, Storied Yarns, since 2009. I have built it up from having barely any sales to selling over $20,000 worth of yarn last year (we knitters take our hobbies pretty seriously).
  • I have a bachelor's degree in English and two graduate degrees in Education. 
  • Last year I planned and hosted my first retreat; it was an awesome event and I was fortunate to spend the weekend with two dozen amazing, crafty women. This year's retreat is going to have 100 guests, and I'm really excited!
  • I can knit, spin yarn, crochet, dye, lay out patterns, sew, and quilt. I've been able to teach myself how to do basically any crafty thing I've ever tried, so if you need creative help with some other type of project, bring it on.
  • I have written for public consumption since I was in high school; I used to write for the teenage version of and when I was in college I wrote for our English department in a variety of publications. I also spent about 2 years of my life working professionally as a freelance writer, where I had to be able to write clearly and concisely on everything from public school reading assessments to how to feed a cat with hyperthyroidism. (No, I'm not kidding; people need to know that stuff!)
  • I have worked for the past three years as a part-time assistant to Candice, the owner at Wee Essentials. I helped her with every aspect of her business, from problem-solving and idea-bouncing to product production and shipping. 
Here's a testimonial from Candice, about hiring me for her small biz:

 One of the hardest things about running a business is that moment when you realize that in order to expand, you need help.  There is a question about whether or not hiring someone will pay off, or even work out.  I hired Jess as an assistant for basic tasks three years ago for a couple hours a week.  I was delighted to find that not only did this give me time to focus on the more complicated tasks related to my business, but it also upped my production, which led to more sales than I would have expected.  
I found Jess to be an ideal assistant for a growing business.  She is clever and I could bounce any idea off of her and get good feedback about all aspects, good and bad, of my plan.  She also contributed her own ideas, some of which I implemented to great success.  I could also count on Jess to produce more quickly than I could - I was continually trying to catch up. :) 
Still not sure how awesome I am? Read this post on Tara's blog where she explains the decision to hire me, and how I have helped her business.

If you think it might be time to get some help for YOUR small biz, send me an e-mail. Let's talk about how I can help you bring your business to the next level. 

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