What is a Virtual Assistant?

You may be wondering, "What IS a Virtual Assistant, anyway?" Let me see if I can clarify that for you. Basically, I'm your Go-To Gal; I can help take over some of those tasks - small or big - that you just never seem to have the time to do. Or maybe you DO take the time to do them, and then there's no time to focus on what your business is truly all about. Together, we can sort through your To Do list and figure out the tasks that I can do for you; that will give you more time to build your business, add to your inventory, or plan the next steps.

Here are just a few examples of the tasks I perform for my current clients:

  • blog post writing
  • blog post editing
  • newsletter editing
  • newsletter writing
  • PDF formatting
  • idea/inspiration sounding board
  • social media posting
  • social media planning
  • product assembly
  • newsletter behind-the-scenes (putting together your list, organizing who receives what, switching from one newsletter host to another)
  • calendar managing
  • appointment booking/setting
  • research
Can you come up with some other tasks for me to perform? Try me! 

Take a minute to browse the site for the other services I offer, and then contact me when you're ready to know if I might be the thing your business needs most.

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